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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Nouveau Debut

A new beginning...

The initial entry of much pontification that will hopefully change someones life for the better. This blog is for professional technology people with gumption, guts, balls or whatever you label as power through sheer faith in yourself when facing the unknown.

Over the coming months, we will "chat" about shedding your day job and why you need to. While geared for technology employees, the general principles can apply to anyone. Anyone, that is, who yearns for something more than a regular, predictable paycheck (hence the need for gumption), anyone afraid of losing his (or her) job, anyone who is fed up with the corporate world in which he simply occupies space for (maybe) a tiny raise each year. Is this you?

Topics of upcoming discussion, in Synaptic Order:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Selling Your Own Wares
  • Wealth Building $$$
  • Kissing Your J.O.B. Goodbye
  • Why I Made J.O.B. an Acronym
  • Franchising
  • Dollar Cost Averaging Over Time
  • Donald Trump's Hair
  • How Corporations Are Structured, and How to Build Yours
  • Tax Sheltering
  • Multiple Streams of Income
  • Outsourcing
  • Downsizing
  • A Cube With a View
  • Jessica Alba
  • Leaving Your Heirs a Legacy
  • Customer Service, or Lack Thereof
  • The Pareto Principle
  • Selling Your Life Away, One Hour at a Time
  • Internet Profits
  • Financial Independence
  • Early Retirement
  • Real Estate Investing
  • Foreclosures
  • Tropical Real Estate
  • Flipping Houses
  • Flipping Jessica Alba
In this journey of discovery, I hope you gain the knowledge and determination to strike out on your own, or to grow what you have started. As with all great journeys, the first steps are the hardest but the most critical. If you never change your routines, then routines are all you will surely ever have.

I started down this path 11 years ago, and have learned enough to share. While tongue-in-cheek, I am dead serious about the need for you to be independent. Most companies are no longer loyal to their employees, and employees loyal to their companies are either afraid, foolish or disillusioned. Companies care only about the shareholders and board of directors.

I challenge you: would you rather use your efforts to make your employer wealthy or yourself?

Best of Luck...

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