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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Poll: Social Networks Help Your Biz

In a recent, unofficial poll posted by a member on the Plaxo network, the following results illustrate which social networks are being used by companies to grow their businesses.

The query was posted as "Which networking [site] has been more useful in improving your Biz?" Out of 320 votes,
LinkedIn came out on top with 67% (215 votes)!

Here's the entire list of responses:

Linkedin - 67% at 215 votes
Plaxo - 13% at 42 votes
None - 7 % at 23 votes
Xing - 5% at 16 votes

All Others ....specified below... were 3% at 12 votes
Myspace - 2% at 7 votes
Facebook - 1% at 4 votes
Marzar - 0% at 1 vote

This poll confirms what I had suspected, that LinkedIn is more widely embraced by professionals for business reasons, while networks like Myspace and Facebook are more for the casual user for personal reasons.

While I think that these "casual networks" can be leveraged to market your product or service, I feel that many of the stories of companies successfully doing so may be hyped up. Still, viral marketing is a real technique that would behove any entrepreneur to try and exploit using a social network.

JM Kelly, The IT Entrepreneur


John Horsley said...

Interesting poll indeed.

As you may be aware I am the owner and CEO of marzar. I am glad you included us in your poll alongside such giants. We are are a very young business but with this bring agility. Over the next 6-8 month you are going to see some interesting additions to the platform to make it even more functional for businesses and professionals.

I used Facebook for business and found out that they don't like that. You have to fill out a personal profile or get booted?? I was booted ??? don't know why. Anyway Facebook was just not a business site to me.

I am not surprised Linkedin ranks number 1. I am sure that many more people know about them than us at this stage. We have a similar audience but we boast more functionality and features.

With Marzar you have the tools to promote your business and we plan to constantly evolve the system based on the feedback of our users helping inform our development.

We have some great ideas of where we are going to take Marzar. We just need to start getting the word out and keep to our end of the bargain and create a great place for business people.

Feel free to evaluate Marzar yourself see said...

Thanks for your comments John. I am impressed with your site, and will follow its progress as you enhance and refine it.

It is new to me, so I plan to sign up and give it a try, too.

Best of luck to you in this venture!

JM Kelly, The IT Entrepreneur

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