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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Great Deals for Small Business

Constantly on the lookout for great small business deals, I have recently discovered the following opportunities to make your money (and mine!) stretch even further:

The ING Direct Business Savings Account
This account links to your existing Business Checking Account (with any bank). You transfer money in and out of the ING account online as you need funds. This account earns 5% interest with no balance minimums, and no fees or service charges. Click "Open an Account", then "Orange for Business".

Vista Print's Sizzling Summer Deals
You may know that Vista Print offers great prices on printing (including basic business cards for free), but during their summer promotion, you can get:
  • 250 premium business cards for $1.99
  • 100 standard post cards for FREE
  • 50 over sized post cards for FREE
  • 25 brochures for FREE
  • 25 flyers for FREE
  • 25 small magnets for FREE

  • All items are in full color! Go to

    DELL PCs
    Need a new PC? Dell is discounting their new VOSTRO product line to get it into the marketplace.
    Get a Dell Tower PC with a 19 inch flat panel for $399 (Dell e-value code 65023-brpc2cw)
    Get a Dell notebook with Intel Duo Processor, Windows Vista, and 2 GB RAM for $649 (Dell e-value code 65023-BQPCJBC)


    $$$Wealth Tip:
    Always remember to "save-save" your money. If you budgeted $1000 for a notebook, take the $351 dollars "saved" and move it your 401K, IRA, or savings account!

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