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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Your J.O.B.

Early on I mentioned the acronym "J.O.B." to represent one's job. I borrowed that term from some of my readings, I believe from "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" which is an excellent book to re-train your brain on how it thinks about wealth.

J.O.B. stands for "Just Over Broke" and describes how most people tend to live paycheck to paycheck, no matter what they earn. With a job, most folks know exactly what their upcoming check will be and thus have already spent it.

I'm no advocate of unemployment, but when working for yourself or your own corporation, the sky is the limit on your earnings. There is a direct correlation between the effort you put into your company, and what you yield for yourself (versus dividends for the stock holders of your employer).

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Wonderful observations sir...

Luv Ms. PC and the grumpy old man. Know the type quite well.

I like your writing style...Keep up the good work.

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