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Saturday, September 26, 2009

iPods, iPhones, iDunno?

For years, I've carried a "smart phone", i.e. the Palm Treo line of phones, ever since they were more PDA-like than phone like. My objectives were to have one contact database that was portable, packaged in a cell phone, and with light browsing capabilities. This line of phone served well to meet the requirements...

Then along comes the sexy iPhone, and all the "cool kids" are carrying them around. I do like them, but I would feel lost without my keyboard on the Treo. The Blackberry has a keyboard and is built for email and communication. However, I can’t get used to the little thumb ball mouse.

I have my eye on the Palm Pre (which seems like a good compromise between what I'm used to and the future of cell phones), when a colleague chuckled and said "Palm doesn't stand a chance against the iPhone and its 1000s of applications".

Ouch! My friend may be right. I’m not sure of the number of apps, but the iPhone and iPod have changed the industry, created their own industries, and thrust Apple from an almost cult-followed company to the company that all others try to emulate. For years the holy grail of tech companies has been the development of one ubiquitous, portable device that does everything. Apple, it seems, may have accomplished this.

Now if only the darn thing had a real keyboard...

JM Kelly, The IT Entrepreneur

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